Long, long ago, before the beginning began, there were many God’s spread all throughout the Ether Land. There was one in particular whose name has long been forgotten. It was this being who was told never to create again. Defying the Divine Order, it manifested tiny spirit like-beings. These spirits were to go to a mysterious realm known as Limbo. A sacred place that confounded even the God’s and became the undoing of many a Deity.

“Yes, I shall create thee, bring thee into existence,
out from the depths of my own soul.
Live, thou spirits, and one day come back to me.
Reveal what thou hast discovered from that ancient land,
that I may possess that knowledge for myself.”

And so these Spirits, born from the soul of a nameless God, left to explore Limbo. And it came to pass in the 17th millennium, on the 7th day of the 6th year, a void like door did appear. From this portal would emerge a strange people. They wore a cloth resembling that of armor, and possessing a foreign power. One composed of machine and divine aura.

Thus a new era began. Captured by the millions, the spirits were forced to dwell in specially crafted machines and used as an infinite renewable power source. These are they that are now called “Battery Babies.”

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